Campus Ministry

About Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is a pastoral ministry focused toward our students who study in colleges and universities, and other educational institutions. The goal and scope of this ministry is the spiritual progress and devotion of our students in various campuses.

This ministry has established Orthodox Study Fellowships (OSF) at many campuses, which our students gather together in Christian Fellowship to learn more about our faith, study scripture, and participate/partake in Holy Qurbana- which have truly blessed our students studying in far places, where there are no Indian Orthodox Churches, or any other Orthodox Churches.


Objectives include:

  • To bring our youngsters into main stream religious life and to maintain their active involvement in our church.
  • To provide them with deeper understanding and awareness of our faith, traditions and practices.
  • To enhance Bible Study and to develop personal devotional practices and prayer.
  • To develop and promote a stable and fruitful spiritual life with a commitment to Christ and His Church and participation in the mission of charity.
  • To promote friendship and bonding among the members.
  • To initiate and maintain spiritual counseling with problem solving in everyday life.
  • To assist them in setting up appropriate educational objectives and programs of study.
  • To assist with any needed help in financial planning.

Campus Ministry Contacts

Office bearers of Diocesan level  Campus Ministry will be updated as it becomes available.

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