DSWA/C/11/2015 September 24, 2015

"Urshlem" Diocesan Center- Beasley, Texas


Blessings to our Cor-Episcopoi, Priests, Deacons, Parish Managing Committee members, and all the faithful of our Diocese.


Dearly Beloved,

We praise God for the growth and activities of the various ministries and departments of our diocese during these years. This growth is primarily due to the commitment of the clergy and lay leaders from various parts of our diocese who have worked together to coordinate many efforts, and we take this opportunity to thank them for their valuable contributions.We thank all those who have devoted their time and energy as the office bearers and provided leadership to the different spiritual organizations. May God Almighty bless them for their service to Christ and His Holy Church.


The leadership of the ministries and departments of our Diocese have been reorganized till further order. Attached to this kalpana is an official listing of all the ministries and departments of our diocese with the current office bearers as well as those who are being appointed effective October 01, 2015 or will be continuing their term. We pray for God’s blessings, wisdom, and guidance to be upon these individuals as they take upon these positions of leadership. May the Holy Spirit guide them to be servant leaders and lead them to a fruitful ministry in His vineyard.


We seek the whole-hearted prayers, support, and cooperation of all the clergy and faithful of our diocese and pray that the ministry of our diocese will continue to grow in the coming years.


May the blessings and mercies of God Almighty be showered upon us all. Your Shepherd in Christ, Alexios Mar Eusebius Metropolitan



Alexios Mar Eusebius



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