2016 Annual Diocesan Assembly will be held at St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Atlanta.




DSWA/C/01/2016 January 19, 2016


Blessings to the Vicars, priests of the locality, Deacons, Office Bearers, and the Diocesan Council & Assembly Members of our Diocese!


Dearly Beloved,


The Annual Diocesan Assembly of 2016 for our Diocese will be held at St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Atlanta on Friday April 22nd , 2016, from 2.00 PM to 23rd Saturday 2.30 PM under our Presidentship to discuss and take decisions on the attached agenda. Consistent with article 46 of the constitution of the church, all vicars and elected assembly members are expected to attend this meeting. Their travel expenses have to be met by the respective parishes.


Everyone’s on time participation is required for the success of the assembly. Assembly members will have to sign in between 12PM to 2 PM and obtain their badges for an on time start of the meeting. This regular meeting of the assembly will review the annual report 2015, revenue and expenditure of the diocese, and discuss the budget for the year 2016 (Article 47).


Copies of the Annual Report, Annual Accounts and Budget will be forwarded to you by the Diocesan secretary. If you have any questions regarding the annual report, accounts and budget, please submit them to the Diocesan office before 5PM on 18th Monday. Also all vicars and representatives should make sure that their parishes have paid all arrears owed to the Diocese.


We thank the vicars of both the parishes of Atlanta, all faithful especially the host parish St. Thomas Church for all the arrangement they make for the 2016 Diocesan Assembly.


Your shepherd in Christ,


Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan

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