Mar Barnabas Educational Award 2016 - Deadline August 25,2016







Click here to download Mar Barnabas Educational Award Application form for 2016.





Copy of the official transcript from the High school showing GPA.

Print out of the official Score sheet of SAT and/or ACT.

Recommendation letter from the Vicar - See the details on next page.

Letter from the Sunday school Principal - See details on next page.

Recommendation letter from School principal / Official / Community Leader - See details on next page.

An essay on "My Life after School" by the Applicant.



Application shall be submitted to: “The Diocese of South-West America, 3101 Hopkins Road, Beasley, Texas, USA, 77417” before August 25, 2016. An email acknowledgement will be send upon the receipt of the application.

Office Manager: Fr. Varghese Thomas (Santhosh Achen). Ph: 281-403-0670; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .








The applicant shall be a member of a family in good standing of a Parish in the Diocese of South-West America.

The applicant shall be a successful graduate from Grade 12, in the current academic year, from a High School /Secondary Institution, recognized by the respective State in the USA or Province in Canada.

The applicant shall submit the completed application along with all the required documents, specified in the Section “APPLICATION”, below, on or before the deadline set by the award committee, in the Application form.

Incomplete Application will not be eligible for Awards.



The applicant shall complete the official application form accurately and send it to the Diocesan office before the deadline, along with the following documents.

A copy of the official transcripts for grade 12 scores , clearly showing the GPA from the schools in USA / the percentage of the final marks from the Canadian schools

A copy of an official score sheet for the SAT or ACT (whichever is higher) / the Provincial grade 12 diploma exam results for Canadian applicants.

A recommendation letter from the Sunday school Principal, clearly showing the successfully completed Sunday school grade, regular attendance and participation in Sunday school activities, Participation and level of achievements in Sunday school competitions, participation in OVBS etc. and overall leadership in other programs.

A recommendation letter from the Vicar of the parish showing the official parish membership status of the applicant, regular attendance in the church services, participation and involvement in church activities and spiritual organizations, such as MGOCSM, Youth movement/FOCUS, Church choir, Services in the Altar etc., other than the Sunday school involvement. The letter shall include a certification of the applicant’s character and leadership abilities along with the allegiance to the orthodox faith and the church.

A recommendation letter from the school principal / officials or a community leader, showing the applicant’s community involvement, Volunteer services, charitable works, sports and athletic activities, any other extra-curricular activities and leadership capabilities.

A personal essay on “The Life after School”, not exceeding 300 words, by the applicant. The essay shall deal with the applicant’s planned life while at college, the personal educational and career goals, goals for serving the church, the community and the family along with how the applicant plan to influence the society through a disciplined spiritual.



The award committee is responsible for preparing the evaluation guidelines and worksheet in accordance with the general guidelines set by the Diocesan Council.

Out of the total scores for evaluation, two thirds (66%) will be based on school GPA and SAT/ACT scores and one third (34%) will be based on the Sunday School performance, involvement in other Spiritual Organizations & Church activities, the submitted recommendation letters and the Personal Essay.

The application and the supporting documents will be evaluated by the award committee or 3 qualified judges and the average score will be considered to choose the winners.

The decision of the award committee with the consent of the Diocesan Metropolitan will be the final.

The results will be communicated to all the Parishes in the Diocese through a Kalpana from the Diocesan Metropolitan. The results will also be published on the Diocesan Website.




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