MGOCSM News - Houston Area Back to School Retreat




On August 15th, 2015, the Houston Area MGOCSM was blessed to have its annual Back to School Retreat hosted by St. Mary’s Orthodox Church. This year’s theme was "Pillars for Christ," and the message helped all of the students who attended to gain knowledge on how they can balance their church life with their daily school life. With the many temptations and situations that the MGOCSM students experience, they were able to gain knowledge on how to face and tackle these situations through the guidance of Rev. Fr. Binu Mathews and Seminarian George Ninan. In addition to the retreat messages led by the clergy, many young adults from St. Mary’s FOCUS were able to come and speak to the MGOCSM about their careers in order to help the students gain insight on potential future career choices.




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