Note from the Diocesan Metropolitan regarding Syrian refugees crisis


Dearly Beloved,

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have now spread the crisis and horrific situation primarily within the Middle East to other parts of the world including Europe. Many continue to live in fear, innocent people are without basic needs, and civilians are seeking refuge. Many refugees are in survival mode hoping to escape the oppression and find some hope, but many nations have closed their doors in fear of permitting possible terror groups or activities into their respective country. In the spirit of Christian love and basic morality, it is the responsibility of the nations to protect the victims of terrorism. Their right to live must be safeguarded. Though they are forced to flee and leave their loved ones and everything else behind, they need our prayers and support, especially in meeting their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and sanitation. While we condemn the acts of terror, we must continue to pray for divine peace in the midst of this crisis. Let us continue to work together to safeguard the lives of these innocent ones and provide a place for refuge for them.


We are requesting all our parishes to offer a special prayer this Sunday for these victims and for these nations. While we are thankful for so much during this Thanksgiving weekend in America, we have the duty and responsibility to pray for those who are without and are in dire need.


Attached is the Kalpana for the Nativity Fast which has to be read on next Sunday.


Love and Prayers

Mar Eusebius


Click here to read the Nativity Kalpana

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