Twelfth Grade Diploma


The Diploma exam is being conducted at the Diocese level to evaluate the understanding of the student in relation to the faith, sacramental life and traditions in the Church.

The updated Syllabus for the 12th Grade Diploma Exam for May and June of 2013 is attached. Please note that the student who is writing the Exam has been through our Sunday school for over 12 years and should have understood the faith and life in the Church and should be able to articulate and defend the faith and traditions in the Church. However, we do not expect the students to write detailed responses to the questions that will be asked but they are expected to have an overall understanding of the faith and sacramental life in the Church and their answers should be structured in that manner and reflect that understanding. Also, these exams allow us to come together at a uniform (standardized) level across the diocese. Each examination – process is to be viewed as an opportunity for us to grow spiritually and learn more about our faith, traditions and sacraments and thus enable us to walk with our Lord a little better.
The exams are scheduled to be held across the Diocese on Sun May 12 and Sun June 9. The duration of the exam will be 2 hours. As in the previous year, we will allow the use of the Orthodox Study Bible during the exam.
All Principals are to work with the Regional Coordinators regarding the scheduling and conduct of the exams.
Principals are also requested to work with the Teachers, students and parents to ensure maximum participation in the Diploma exams.



1. Syllabus


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